Made in Botswana

Ms. Lemmy …
My favorite teacher from Gaberone … :D:D







Ladies must learn to tone and sculpture. Big is not always beautiful, exercising is important for health and esthetics.

The feet do not lie…

This one is OK but a few kilos down the road she may be far from good.

Neither is small …
( … I treat a lot of Anorexia …)

This one is perfection … :D:D


Mbona zinakaa mbotoshop lakini?

magoti ya botswanese women cant be matched with anything else cc @kah tony

Hizo miguu kama za kuzo nguyaz alitesa sana those days nikiwa high school. Sikuizi her dusko has grown so huge that, because of age,her feet can’t support her anymore, anavunjika ankles ovyo ovyo banae…

wewe si hutombwa mkundu na @kanguthu

Yes. Yeye hu attempt. Akisha realize hawezi huwa anakunyanduanyandunyandu.

Akitoa nguo ni mastretch marks galore. Siwezi lipa more than 150

Gaberone iko dunia gani hii Kenya?

It is the Capital city of Botswana … :D:D