Madaraka Edishen Tembea Kenya.

Samburu County Buffalo Springs & Shaba game reserve.
@The.Black.Templar hizo pictures i promised you
The road to the game reserve. [ATTACH=full]103356[/ATTACH]
Our room overlooking the ewaso nyiro[ATTACH=full]103357[/ATTACH]
Pool area[ATTACH=full]103358[/ATTACH]
grounds outside our room,

Very nice man… Hebu kindly inbox me the cost.

samburu intrepids ama ni sarova shaba nice

Rates are, 7k pppn for standard rooms, me am staying on Sedai room 10k pppn, then kuna born free room (presidential) 15k pppn… All full board package.

This is Sarova Shaba

@D… Mungai ni tourist driver. :smiley: :smiley:

Nice pics mbirrionaire

Wow. Nice pics!!

@Chloe wat now, come i show you am not a bonfire adventures driver

7k pppn so if you’re 2 people sharing one room its a total of 14k?

Nice piece of Kernyan Paradise.

Yeep. Their standard rooms are also okay…

Bonfire adventures? Asante

been there once, calm jumbos i saw there.

how long is the drive? nearest airstrip or helipad? tour package comes with drive? and how much? 4 days 4ppl? inbox pls

Your asking if i went with bonfire adventures , noo, me am just a neighbour hapa then i have a smal kid 8 months soo tour firm hapana, 45 minutes drive from Isiolo. Any car can manage, i think bonfire are charging around 22k per person 2 nights with game drives…
@Tom Bayeye if you want i can give you the number of the manager,a very good friend, atakupea adi discount.

Hii ndio jeshi ya kiwaru eeh

ahsante sana ,do hivyo basi.

Awesome @D… Mungai aaaahhhh we just missed each other!

Enjoy your time there buddy!

Kwani you were here,umeshaenda?

That was last weekend…it might as well have been today!