Madame Ssenga 30

Hehehehe …
Walk Your Talk …
A verification image is in order … :grin:

Elders will have to content themselves with your daily dose of whales and occasional beauties.

I short …
Your wife cannot compete … :grin:

No wives here Doggtari. Just eye cleansing material.

What “title” would you give someone like Millicent Omanga or Karen Nyamu , ???

You are one of the young men who want a taste of it! Disgusting taste you assume everyone here shares

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Your opinions of Her does not change Who She is or Her accomplishments …
That was my point …:blush:

Yani Rexx ulimpost na haukuni-tag? Aah

Go and check out Madame Ssenga 33:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: