Madam Ssenga 5

Madam Ssenga …
Fully Certified and ready to Serve …:smiley:







What attracts you in this cow poosied woman rexxnoogle?

Rexxmeffi since you became a feminazi umekuwa worst

Ati certificate. Lack of seriousness.

Rexx, we are tired of your shiet

Afadhali yule mke wa mwenyewe…

What attracts YOU to those worn out Hags at the CBD …??? :smiley:

Who exactly is “We” and who appointed you as their spokesperson …??
The solution is simple…
Move along … :smiley:

Elaborate …:smiley:

The lady is now a Certified Relationship Coach…
Those of you in here who require remedial assistance can contact her in confidence …:smiley:


Hata nilishindwa kukawasaki na porn take. Siwezi lipa more than 100

Speak for Yourself …
I know of at least 4 very satisfied Clients …:D:p…



Rexx amependa sana ku troll talkers na huyu malaya :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

There was a leaked video of her early this year being shagged with 4 jaruos.

Why do you like fvcking toads doktari?

Hawa si satisfied clients.They seem to have been forced.How do you explain their half mast dcks in the video?Themselves they could not believe they are actually shagging a ugly landwhale.

What Animal Kingdom Name would you give to those aged CBD Good Hope Grannys that YOU are soo fond of …??
So …
You consider these more attractive than Madam Ssenga …???
Please get off your imaginary high horse …
Bure Kabisa , Wewe … :D:p





Moving along swiftly …:smiley:


Madam Ssenga is a sexy landwhale lakini ako na creepy looking eyes bana

Macho ni kama ya crocodile