Madam President.

Hunter and James Biden investigations, are they paving way for Joseph Biden impeachment in the near future ? @Sovereign2 , what does the future hold.

Atleast you have accepted a Biden president.
You are ahead of yourself, Let’s finish and wrap up with trump before tackling Biden.
Schupid trampers


Hunter is not the president.
Did you ask the same about the current impeached and soon-to-be ex-president Trump? He’s been under tax audits for the entire duration of his presidency, and has tens of pending civil cases in court, which could not otherwise proceed while he was the president.

Naaah! They’re paving way for Trump Crime Family future investigations and subsequent arrests and convictions. You see they don’t want a situation where trumpists will start shouting ‘what about the Bidens!’

What you should be asking yourself is whether Drumpf will escape jail time after Jan 20. Here’s what he’s facing:

[SIZE=6]Possible Criminal Charges[/SIZE]:

[SIZE=6]1. Obstruction of Justice[/SIZE] - Mueller investigation

[SIZE=6]2. Campaign Finance Violations - Stormy Daniels payments[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]3. Federal Tax Charges[/SIZE] - $750

[SIZE=6]4. New York State Tax Charges - Trump fought Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s grand jury subpoena seeking eight years of his taxes and financial records all the way to the Supreme Court, which in July rejected Trump’s claim of absolute immunity from state criminal investigations.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]5. [SIZE=6]Real-Estate Fraud[/SIZE] - New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating whether the Trump family’s real-estate company falsely reported property values to secure loans or tax benefits.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]6. [SIZE=6]Congressional Tax and Financial Records Cases[/SIZE] - In all three cases, Trump has invoked the powers of the presidency to argue that he should not have to turn over his financial information.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]7. [SIZE=6]Multi-Level Marketing Fraud Suit[/SIZE] - Trump and three of his children were sued for fraud in 2018 over their endorsement on Celebrity Apprentice of ACN Opportunity LLC, a troubled multilevel marketing company that later went bust.[/SIZE]

Civil Cases:
1. [SIZE=6]Mary Trump’s Fraud Suit[/SIZE] - The president’s niece Mary Trump last month sued him for conspiring with his brother and sister to defraud her of millions of dollars from her grandfather’s estate using false documents and bogus loans.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]2. [SIZE=6]E. Jean Carroll’s Defamation Suit[/SIZE] - Last month, as Trump faced deadlines to provide a DNA sample and submit to a deposition, the Justice Department stepped in, claiming that the president’s statements about Carroll were part of his official duties and that the government should therefore substitute for Trump as the defendant in the case.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][SIZE=6][SIZE=6][SIZE=6]3[/SIZE][/SIZE]. Summer Zervos’s Defamation Suit[/SIZE] - Trump has argued that he’s immune from suits filed in state court while he is the president[/SIZE]