Madagascar corona concortion

As robbers here in KE are looting WHO aid on covid 19,Madagascar president the hon DJ is promoting locally made non toxic mtishamba juice which they allege its a cure for covid.
Unlike trumps hydro chloroquine which is highly toxic we can acess the effectiveness of this mtishamba by a simple fact …no single Madagascan has died of the virus.
One thing I have loved about this is its locally produced and in abandunt for everyone.
Here we are beaten by police hooligans to death ,there the schools are reopened.the rule is simple ,wear a mask drink covid coffee and all is well.
Am sure white dogs are rubbishing this like the blacks loyal to their white masters.africans must support each other and look for local solutions instead of relying on foreign aid which benefits few stomachs like that of atwoli.
Meanwhile lets people die pole pole waiting for a western white poison to cure us.

There is alot of investments in the “Western White poison” and it’s that or burst. Here is the plant “artemisia annua” and the final product from Madagascar.

Wah this plant makes drug for malaria . It may cure since they are using malaria drug to fight this CCP virus.

[SIZE=7]COVID-organics: Madagascar launches Africa’s first cure for virus[/SIZE]

I’m taking elderberry, turmeric & Vitamin D supplements to boost my immunity and reduce inflammation.

I hope you feel calmer now

Yes, thank you.

for some reason I always come to KT just to read your posts

I really admire your intellect