Madagascar concoction

After WHO has hinted a sign of no hope about covid19, Africa union has gone back to the drawing board

We need an African WHO… funded by all African states

Francophone countries will do as France wishes, and the rest will receive phone calls from US and EU.
Is hopes are with Rais Pombe Mangufuli wa Jamhuri ya Tanganyika.

Pale twirra kuna news that Senegal has given the Madagascar cure a thumbs up…I dont know how true that is. But what i know is that WHO is fighting it so…

Yeah, sure

WHO can’t stand to embrace ideas from anywhere, it has to be there way or no way

mbona umeiita concoction? sijafurahia

Concoction? This is the problem. It shows ata huamini a cure can’t be found in Africa. Continue kissing white butts haina shida.

I have a strong belief in our African researchers,



African countries can barely fund their own internal health services.

Continue kissing your dead ancestors butts.
The world has moved on from 18th century methods.
There are scientific processes to develop and test medicine.

I’ve not read of a clinical trial on this concoction. I’ve not read of its efficacy rate.
Blind pan-Africanism without evaluating the basic science principles just proves how backward we are.

Bullying people that they are ‘kissing white butts’ because they will not accept some African concoction will not stop us from engaging common sense.

Nyeuthi playing the victim card again.
WHO embraces many research from KEMRI and other African bodies.

What they don’t embrace is some concoction probably by some Madagascan witchdoctor, which used no scientific methods to test its efficacy.
How do you recommend that to the world?

A drug must pass clinical trials. Which involves giving a certain percentage of the trial sample a placebo.
Results must be published on scientific journals for scrutiny.

Those drinking this concoction and getting ‘cured’ would have probably been among the 90% who are getting well without medication.
There is no way to know whether the concoction helped in this case.
That’s why scientific methods are used in drug research.

I find your statement extremely ignorant. Was penicillin isolated from fungi when it was found that it could kill bacteria? No, penicilliun fungi was first found to be toxic against bacteria and the active ingredient was then isolated. The same also is true for antimlaria artemisinin.

So, the madagascar liquid could be having an active ingredient that is therapeutic. You are the one that need common sense sir

Neocolonialism at its best
Francophone countries have even decided to have one currency, CFA Franc, of which the guarantor and backer is the treasury of france.
Magufuli is the way to go. He may be tough-headed, but his stand is right.

I have no fucking idea what you just wrote.

Whether the madagascar concoction has some kind of active chemical trapped inside the basic ingredients is non-essential.
For all I know, it could be working.
But I’m not buying the nonsense until it is tested scientifically. No clinical trial was done. Some guys just announced its invention and got the president’s approval.

90% of covid victims recover on their own.
10% need treatment.

It is only scientific processes that can confirm whether those taking it and getting ‘cured’ were among the majority lucky ones, or were genuinely cured.

By any chance were you among the thousands who trooped to Loliondo?

Instead of calling something backward and 18th Century, why can’t you instead support research and clinical trial of the medicine in African countries?
I mean, we have our own scientists who can do that, we need not wait for europe or america to come with a vaccine as always.
We have to start somewhere. And I feel that this is the right way as much as it may sound ‘backward’ to you

I think the point you are missing is that we do not even have very basic metrics about how many ppl have been cured…active ingredient aside. It’s such a simple thing to do…experimental vs control group ; the many scientists in Madagascar would have done it asap. It’s so easy to…claim something Bila proof…which distracts people from dealing with ways to tackle the problem at hand

And also effective malaria treatment was found from a book written way before by a chinese herbalist.
I find it really absurd people dismissing anything herbal as ‘concoctions’