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Kwani what did the minister do? :smiley:

samples of a pawpaw and a goat turned out positive under his watch…or he probably starting talking about he real situation kwa ground

Very soon the border posts between Kenya and Tanzania will be turned into one huge market where goods are exchanged kila mtu anarudi kwao.

good or bad thing?

The cost of food will go up.

doesnt it mean more supply with less red tape?

It sounds like more red tape but it’s unclear whether Kenyan truck drivers will simply swap seats with the Tanzanians or they will have to offload produce from the TZ trucks and load them into kenyan trucks.

It’s only right that it has taken corona for things to escalate to that level.
For how long was Kenya going to withstand Tanzania’s blackmail and putting up of trade road blocks at every turn?

I like how things are playing out, very much. Going forward it will be “kila mtu akule kwao.” Kenya will be forced to become food secure which wouldn’t have happened without the pandemic.

It might be bad in the short term but if the Kenyan government introduced the right policies this dependence on the Tanzania market will be done away with once and for all.
You can’t live begging an unwilling neighbour to co operate for ever.

offloading will be the thing…jargon ya mtaa we call it kufaulisha

I like it too.
People must feel the pain and suffering in order to change. Let the border be closed so that this blind consumerism in Vumbistan ends/reforms done for food security/wakeup calls happen.

Black market!

This Corona was to bring deep reflection of our misdoings in our country but unfortunately, we are still very much interested in successions politics

What annoys even more is that Tanzanians use dangerous chemicals to grow their onions, tomatoes etc. These chemicals are banned in Kenya, yet we allow in food grown using these chemicals. Why is our government so stupid?

Is so stupid sababu hamtaki kulima

Just like your foolish president you rush in with your stupid comment.

Yah kila mtu sasa anafata alivyo decide our President earlier ila wakunya wanafata wasungu