Macron wins as the new president of France FYI his wife was his teacher

Macron is the new president of France and he is 39 years old he is the youngest president since 1848 to crown it all the wife is 64 years and was his teacher turned lover

I pity le pen huko ni MLPWNBP

He is speaking now on CNN

Too bad Wikileaks and whoever tried the USA trickery on France.

[SIZE=6][French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked](‘http://French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked’)
[SIZE=4]Whoever it was behind this may have actually galvanized support for Macron, the way the ICC manenos did for Uhuru and Ruto.[/SIZE]

Le Pen alikuwa amejichocha sana, she even met some foreign heads of state.

I don’t, she is a very divisive politician.

The Dutch and French have said no to empty populism. Brussels will sleep easy tonight

Some of the proposals by the right wing politicians in both countries are Utopian at best.

the Trump win made them over play their cards and push it too far

I wish she won


Le Pen Trumpess can go to hell, hehe

He knows not what he says…

Vive la France, vive l’Europe!

Well observed!!

Oh, if only you could string five sentences together to argue for Marine Le Pen.

I felt the leak was very convenient for Macron. He could point to it and say “look, the Russians are trying to control our election” and convince those on the fence about Le-Pen and her connection to Russia to vote for him.

Anyway, I’m glad the election is over so that I don’t have to hear about the French and their baguettes for 5 years (or until the Muslims emancipate more Frenchmen from their fleshy jail. #AllahuAkbar).

Let them drag their country down, declining europe is the best thing happening.

You do realize there are many black people in those nations too.

it sucks that we already have a male trump …we certainly dont need a female one