Mackenzie's Menu

Watu wa weight-loss here is the plan.

Breakfast :Bread and Mboga/Ugali mboga/Muthokoi/Spaghetti

No lunch

Porridge for all supers

Atleast let’s gain something from this tragedy

[SIZE=5]The Creator gave us an abundance on this planet …
The problem is Mankind"s Greed … [/SIZE]

Hm! Spaghetti and porridge…maybe he learnt in a vision that protein is evil.

Things spoil fast there so meat wasn’t an option unless he had a fridge

…That’s a deficient diet though, even if it were in good quantities. No milk, eggs or fruit mentioned. The only protein would be some beans or peas hidden in the muthokoi. No wonder his eyes are red and watery.

Even bread spoils quick out there. I remember buying bread eating some and hoping to enjoy some in the morning only to find that it had turned green. Something I had never seen. Hot weather is the worst when it comes to food preservation.

and to imagine he was the Dining Hall captain in high school