machokos senator gaseer in icu

OB NO. 84 /04/12/2020 AT 1530 HRS
SUBJECT: INCIDENT REPORT INVOLVING A VIP. It was reported by one Jenniffer Mueni Kabaka the wife to Hon. Boniface Mutinda Kabaka Senator Machakos County that today at around 3:00am she received a report from one Issac Muinde an employee at the senator’s office that the senator has been rushed to Nairobi Hospital and admitted in intensive care unit (ICU). She went to the said Hospital accompanied by other family members among them her co wife namely Vascoline Katanu Kabaka where she established that the Senator was brought by paramedics after falling sick while in an apartment along Elgeyo Marakwet Road within Kilimani. She later reported to the police who visited the scene and established that the Senator had checked in the apartment yesterday afternoon accompanied by a woman namely Esther Muli a resident of Wote town. At the scene, the said woman was found and informed detectives that she was with the Senator in the apartment when he suddenly started complaining of severe headache and asked her to look for paracetamols. The pain worsened and she informed the management who called for an ambulance and rushed him to Nairobi Hospital. The scene was processed by crime scene support services and evidence found at the scene forwarded to the Government analyst for analysis since most of them are perishable. The scene was visited by SCCIO Kilimani and DCI Personnel. The senator is still admitted at Nairobi hospital in ICU. The lady was escorted to Kilimani Police Station for interrogations by the DCI. More information to follow. Case PUI

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