Macho mbaya...Philip Moi & plunda

Their daughter[ATTACH=full]111099[/ATTACH]

talisa moi?


Hii salon leo naona mlifungua mapema saidi.


Shimo mbaya in ya nyoka

My sisters thats how you will look after using makeup for a loooong time

She looks like something a cow chewed and spat out. Signs of plastic surgery gone wrong.



If you marry a high maintenance beetch ata kama she’s fugly, akiuliza divorce sukuma yeye down the stairs

@gashwin mzee hapa kuna mtu analeta masarao ya pesa nane…

anacheza na moneymaker…:slight_smile:

He should be advised to read today’s copy of the Seeds of Gold magazine in the Sat Nation.

If this kibogoyo puts your pipe in her mouth, she will remove the platelets from your blood.

Plastic surgery. Just like Donatella Versace. Ati ni vanity…smh

She used to be very beautiful but was not content with that so she went for plastic surgery which is always fifty - fifty.And again maybe God decided to punish her because she is a greedy woman who is never satisfied. She always wants more. She should learn to be content with life just the way it is.

she looks literally hot…yaani ngozi yake iko RED HOT !!!

Look for pics when younger, wazungus age ungracefully…