Macho inawasha

my two eyes zinawasha ile design Ni Kama nimeziguza na pilipili. Worth noting is that my eyes feel normal save for the kuwasha which is on the skin covering the eye.

It all started around 5pm, that was two hours after I finished spraying some insecticide called 50PW, I suspect it came into contact with my eyes though I felt nothing before 5pm.

I am hoping it clears since am a little bit too far from a hospital coz Niko gishagi Kwa wazazi, has anyone else experienced this? Do I need to rush to hospital? Is there a homebased remedy?

@Luther12 @tmwaklist saidia

Try flashing them with clean water.

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Rinse with clean water every insecticide has that info if the discomfort persists kwenda ona dakitari.

Pole kaka braza. Follow Omera’s & monkey without ey advice.

I would be surprised if you haven’t washed them with water till now

ulikuwa unauwa kunguni na viroboto?kwani wale zinakulanga kama hauko sio watu?serves you right