Machine ya wazito


One word, insurance.

Ranger rover is unendless money pit

She’s so beautiful. Damn. Worth every penny. I envy those who can afford such a majestic beast.

…if you have a money pit in the first place

Grossly over quoted. Unless all parts are new. Doesn’t make sense to put new parts in such an old car. Used parts and 300k will be good enough. Including a better paint job at 80-100k

Such a shame that this off-roading champ is hardly ever taken off road by its owners. Many owners I’ve met don’t even know how to drive off road. Money is wasted on the rich.

sio lazima uendeshe kila siku.

rent sikumoja uendeshe 20 hours alafu ulale 4 hours kwa backseat
headlamp washer jet

It’s too early in the morning for me to start fantasizing. The 3.0 L HSE Sport gives me an erection.

Maintainance ya hii gari hulemea alot of posers who live beyond their means.Many of them usually abandon them in garages.

Hiyo ni garage ya beste yangu Oloo…Na hizo ndio bei!

this thinger was trending ma 2019 huko. ama mtasema old is gold?

Crazy. Mimi ni mtu wa nduthi and I was eyeing a 80 series or 100GX/105 coz I’m getting old and tired. I still believe in solid front axles. Price hazishuki, even for 30 year old rides. I feel like my head is not right but trash like range rovers convince me otherwise.

Hio bei is very fair ,salimia mogaka

Most of those big cars are on 3rd party insurance. Owners dont want to pay premiums of 500k per yr.

Fog light Ksh 34,000

Ile Range Rover sport ulinisaidia ku-import niliuza last month nikanunua Fortuner

Brake pads set 140 000