Macharia kuwanga serious!


I would but that but not anything close to 99k, maybe 20-30k, expose nayo.

this beyond fixable uuyza kama chuma

True hustler

Masha is a jack of all trades and a master of nada. Writer, gas distributor, barber, and many others. Sigh! But tbh this is one way of surviving in that 254.
The other one is stealing Gava funds. When I wrote that I would steal too karibu watu wanimeze with my wedged shoes and a weave whole. Am telling you watoto wa Gava officials ndio nilisalimia at a freshman open day somewhere…with surnames to boot…

That’s a waste. For a 3M vintage car just go through This page upate a nice deal.

this isn’t even close to a deal

Hii ata bure siwezi chukua. Scrap metal.

My dream is just to know u one on one @Mrs Shosho .

Hata thao sitoi

kassia kwani unaifikiria hii ni canadatalk.