Machakos Gubernatorial Debate - official thread

Happening right now on Citizen TV . Mutua anadebate candidate Wa Jubilee. Yalio ndwele sipite is missing.


shes not very eloquent… ameogopa kuachia ndwele ingine

Mutua anatetea hii Chap Chap Doctrine yake

Mutua: investing in infrastructure is attracting money to the county. He gives an example of the Stadium he rehabilitated

The only point she was able to raise on jkl was “Jeff let me tell you”

hehehe Mutua got jokes. ati Machakos is now compared to South Africa and Europe in terms of emergency response.

Mutua: I would not trust Ukambani leaders much, I have learnt a lesson.

Just learnt the Jubilee candidate is called Muya.

Muya: I was elected a youth leader in 2011. Youth empowerment is what I aspire to.

Mutua: there is no NASA wave in Machakos

Mutua: We are neck to neck with Wiper in Machakos, they don’t have a monopoly.

Mutua: My Govt will pay 100% fees for youths who want to take up higher learning. This will cost around 400m a year.

Mutua: Machakos county will be second to none in terms of learned and skilled individuals.

Muya: I will reintroduce Maziwa ya nyayo to school kids.

Mutua on unemployment: Tourism, the new city, roads, electricity network expansion. All these initiatives will create an environment for job creation. We also have a County Youth Fund.

Mutua: We have created 65-70,000 jobs… mostly in agriculture.

Mutua: Thanks to our efforts in agriculture, we were not eligible to receive relief food during the ongoing drought. food production has increased.