Machakos County - 21 Kms Kivandini-Masinga Road construction

The 21 km Kivandini - Masinga road is one of 10 ongoing road projects in Machakos county. The road is funded and being constructed using Machakos county machines and engineers. My focus is providing efficient services to Wananchi the Super #MaendeleoChapChap way.
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mutua is overworking

If there’s a county where road construction is taking place at a drastic level, ni Masaku! ……hata huko mashinani ull find graders and excavations taking place,……i have done lots of field work in Macha

Good to know.
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Mutua anarushia kitunguu ya cartels mchanga. Achunge sana.

He was once asked where anatoa hio pesa yote. I wonder what his reply was

niliona huko mukuru akijichocha ati wanalay 100m/minute so 1km every 10mins kumaanisha the 21km stretch was laid in 210mins ama 3.5hrs.
chocha ya mutua ni excess

True. The county has done exceptionally well to construct roads. The famous 33km stretch is still going strong and has helped the people of Mwala. Kudos Mutua

Si kwa ubaya spear, but hiyo barabara inakaa kama inaeza nyofolewa na mvua ya rasha rasha. Lakini it’s better than nothing I guess. Kudos to the governor.

I remember how that road was fought by critics. It still going strong 5 years later. The locals really appreciate it. Someone even made a fake video of potholes which crooked media was quick to air. The next day Gov. Mutua gathered them and they took a tour of the same road recording the whole road from start to finish. That wasn’t aired. Rural county roads are low seal roads which counties can easily do minimum 25 Kms a year all directions from the centre of the county to the interior. Within 5 years a minimum 100kms of rural roads should be Tarmacked. Forget murrum and earth roads in 2013-2017. I for one fully support Gov. Mutual for the vision and effort to try rather than listen to the noise.

This is not the final product. This is the just the base, its still ongoing and another layer of asphalt will be laid on top.

Mutua for prezzo 2022

Give credit where it’s due

I remember when Jubilooters were quick to portray Mutua and his efforts as ‘nothing but a passing cloud’, ‘misbegotten’, ‘empty PR’, etc etc etc
Sasa waone :eek::D.

2022 anafaa kua in the presidential contest but likely as deputy

Hizi viwaru za ufala ni Ojinga followers ndio wanakuanga nazo. In fact Mutua has always been a Jubilee leaning governor so please stop clutching at straws


Viwaru ni nini ?

People from that area appreciate the road because they lived without it. Imagine carrying a change of clothes when traveling? Using the road cut travel in that stretch to minutes instead of hours. The workers are also gaining experience and with time they will make high quality roads at a fraction of the cost a contractor would demand.

Sijui hii ulitoa wapi. Toka mutua akuwe governor the guy has been on jubilee’s side. How then would Jubilee suporters castigate mutua. Hiyo ni kazi ya wadinya ndutu supporters

Mutua = DP 2022!