So I go to buy meat in my local butchery this evening and there is this woman who was waiting for the butcher to serve her… She was on phone talking loudly with her mpango wa kando…

She was telling him that she is lonely coz her hubby has gone for work out of town for about one week and at the same time happy coz she has all the freedom…

They laugh and crack jokes and the woman tells him how she is starved( of coz using coded language… she. Even switches to kikuyu not knowing I was hearing everything).

The mpango wa kando asks her whether they can meet tommorow after work and she says YES… She even tells him “I hope chuma iko form “ and laughs … has cheating in marriages become something normal …after she left, the butcher told me” Mabibi siku hizi sasa huyo anaongea na mpango wa kando na hana at all haya”… he was also eavesdropping

Eat and let others eat.sharing is caring, land from today’s reading man can’t live on bread alone.

Wacha watu wafurahie

Uko na ka umama flani boss

Previously on things that never happened.

So a woman whose husband probably knows the butcher is narrating her escapeds infront of him…!!! Sitasema unatubeba ujinga but ni sawa tu.

African women wacha tu

Uko na umama

That is why I was shocked coz ata hakuwa anajali


:D:D:Dnaona ulisikiza today’s reading vizuri sana

Sasa basi mbona wewe ujali?
Ungenunua tu kaquarter matumbo kako ujipe shugli.

I live in an estate where the residents don’t consume shitty things like matumbo

Your description of the butcher and the woman don’t bring to mind sophisticated people.
Wewe ni mtu ya ghetto kubali yaishe.

Who is talking about sosphistication here … endelea kusukuma maisha kayole … hii mtaa yetu hakuuzwi matumbo

And the butcher gave you the best meat ever and told you women come and go, monday to sunday, monday.

Kasarani sunton ndio unaimagine imeku kilimani?

Hii ndio shida ya kuekewa movie shop ground floor, unapata burukenge inadhani inaishi Lower Kabete

Umeffi Na umama thread.