I know that I am not very young on Kenya Talk, but why does this bugger @Maathais always find the need to keep letting us know he resides in Mucatha ? Goodness, so now because U live in Mucaatha U should reaffirm it over and over to talkers just because U feel superior. Vvv many of us are living all over Kenya some places you’ve never even smelt like Garbatura but guess what?we do not marinate on such little glories. You try very hard to make it known that you live and work in Mucatha. Nigga if you knew how much people forget about the dead, you would live your life. We do not owe you a single damn thing Mr. Mucatha. Stop the cheap brag. You’re a bugg-a-boo. Personally I have had it with your silly claims.What if you had traveled beyond Mucatha… We would never rest. Give us a break you Chairman of Team Mafaeces(Rtd).

You shall never hear me talk about where I live,my job or nothing. Nobody owes me nothing on Ktalk.I could live in Shiamakhokho and you wouldnt here me brag about it ,this is a virtual world, WEHONESTLY DON’T CARE. Over and out!

hapo swafiii my dear Makena huyo @Mathaais ni umbwa homosexual kama ndugu yake @Freakazoid


Naanzisha site yangu called You guys suck tits.

Garba Tula


This was posted in the thread attacking MissFinest Rum but I see what you’ve done there.
Am free this afternoon just in case you miss your bean being tickled.

Tumetoka thread ya guuka Jana about diasporans…tukaja kwa miss fine tuko mucatha sasa. .next ni wapi?


Uncle @uwesmake unachokozwa hapa

I actually had to shake my head to confirm my sobriety when reading this post,am drinking but was very sure i had read it a few hours ago last night.

Manze mathighs niko na jetlag unajua Shemakoko is next to Russia. Lakini firigisi ni mob huko, I can airlift you some. Unajua Shemkhokho sio ka Mucatha! Tunakulanga ingoho weekly na sisumbui. We ukishapata firigisi hatupumui. Heh! Mucatha this,Mucatha dat, you guys btw have I told you recently I was travelling around Mucatha. Kuja Shimakwekwe ukule Ingoho full awache kujidai na firigisi. Puhleeze! Hii yako sasa imezidi. Infact ningeland Mucatha with my possee ni vile hakuna direct flights za kucome Mucatha. Ungejua Mucatha sio ya Mama yako ushindwe ukituringia - Sisi tumeenda FAR sana. We ata unajua Shemakoko iko wapi kwa map? Its the real deal, achana na Mucatha Massive! Sema nikutumie ticko ukuje uone dunia, utashindwa kurudi juu Mucatha gat nathing on Shemakoko beach!

Look at anatha one! Im doing this! Am doing that! Hebu don’t brag for us. You should have done it like yesterday. Us we have like 15 sites tuliaanzisha tukiwa seco na hatusumbui. This habit of bragging to us utawacha! Here there’s pple who’ve started sites. Wacha hii yako imaginary. Bragga Boo!!! Hatutaki maringo Ktalk! Maringo rudisha Eastlands. Hapa kuna watu pod pec!

Parodies R US;-)

[ATTACH=full]150755[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]150755[/ATTACH]

Very Sarcastic!

Can you find such designer handbags in Mucatha? Mathaais after you tickle the bean of your gfs who tell you how they were finishing themselves off after your work bcz hata bean hujui its whereabouts bcz you’ve got what Freud called Anal fixation! I will send you an invite letter upewe Visa! Beba viagra bcz here people eat murenda n ingoho not pilau njeri n gizzards.

Vita za watu wa London reminded me of some issues that need revisiting here in Kenya!

Whatever you are drinking/smoking this afternoon is taking you on a roll.
Wait till the guns are trained on you, the tantrum will be a massive one.

Next ni watu wa bragging ati wako na ka-quarter acre sijui wapi na wapi . They need to re-affirm it over and over . Kwani hao wa kwanza kuwa na shamba ? Wengine wetu tuko na shamba mpaka kwa moon na haturingi :smiley:

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