Maasai za gwaci

Maasai za gwaci
[SIZE=7]Jubilation As Kenyans Wake Up To A 6 A.m Heartwarming Message From The DCI[/SIZE]
Aug 17, 2021 7:00 AM
Kenyans have woke up to a heartwarming message from the director of criminal investigation in the morning of 17 August 2021. This is after the DCI announced the arrest of the kitengela prime murderer suspect who is thought to have been making killings of Innocent citizens in the area. From the message released by the DCI in their Facebook account,

“The prime suspect behind last week’s grissly blood-curdling murder of four men in kitengela has been arrested by detectives. Benson Melonyie ole Mungai, 40 was arrested from his hideout in kitengela town last evening where he has been hiding since he Mastermindend the killings. His arrest comes a few days after the DCI took over investigations into the murderers and moved with his speed to pursue the Killers”.The DCI posted in their official page.

Thisa has been received with a lot of jubilation by Kenyans since it will be a relief to the families who lost their loved ones and still seeking for justice. The suspect will be arraigned to court and charged with murder suppose he is proven guilt

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