Maasai people come in : SERIOUS

So i want to make things official with my long time Maasai beauty. Am asking whats the fair dowry to take to her family? She’s well educated and from a middle class family in Narok. So what would be the average head of cows I should take to the family? Sitaki deni i want to drop the cows or it’s equivalent in money na tumalizane hapo hapo. Any advice or insights you could offer will be appreciated.

That whole information, you should get it from that clan. Msichana ni wao . sio wa ktalk. Hapa watakwambia ata usipeleke kitu, I know them.

I want to go there prepared. Sitaki kugongwa and i also don’t want to seem to be mtu wa mashida. Chief unasumbua.

Itabidi uvae diaper kwanza kabla nikupe the approximate figure for a base trim Maasai girl.

Tumemeza redpill.

kama wazazi wamesoma hawawezi wakakugonga

How old are you seriously? Dowry manenos don’t go down like that. In fact in Greek we say paying at once is killing the uthoni. It is supposed to be a long process giving the two families a reason to continue meeting.

Maa dowry is among the most reasonable anywhere. Now, unless you are a millionaire, affording a pokot dowry is hard. This is what drives cattle rustling

Are you Maasai?

In Somali culture culture we have 2 payments, 1 is the bride price and the other is mehr( reasonable payment the wife requests to be made to her) It’s the mehr that you can pay slowly to the wife but the pride price you usually pay it off before going with her.

No. But my brother is married to one. We were shocked by the reasonableness of their requests during ruracio. The in-laws told us that’s the norm


How much did he pay if you don’t mind sharing? I need a ballpark figure.

can’t give you specifics, but it all amounted to below 100k.

Wah for real? That’s way below what I expected. Thanks for the help.

Last question were they a well to do family?

In Maa we say “ni kijana tu na shamba hapana patianwa”.

Anything else can be ‘donated’ to you.

You are a disgrace


Wazee wenu watakubali ukaoe ghuralel? Dem atakubali kusilimu?

Wewe tulia ukulwe kwenyu

Hii mtu ni takataka jinga kabisa