Maasai go digital

Good to see they have embraced technology. Transport in the bushes has been easened. The women dont have to trek long distances looking for water coz boda bodas are used to fetch water, bodas used while grazing animals. They also have smartphones and gps to locate their animals.



The same maasai enjoy life more than the ‘developed’. There’s satisfaction in simplicity.

Maasai anunue farasi.

Uko sure huyu si dynasty pale maasai land? But it quite a huge progress given that its the 21st century

Zii, wamenunua nduthi kama fwakin, fika Suswa ama kule Ololunga upate acres upon acres za grazing land. Very beautiful well fed cattle.

They should also embrace construction of simple semi-permanent or permanent houses and do away with the primitive manyatta enclosures