Maandamano might be ending soon




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Nabii is too hard headed for that.

The ever hopeful worshippers. Did you read the joint statement from western countries? They were clear. It was a free and fair election with an unanimous affirmation by the Supreme Court. Mganga amepewa lecture on democracy. Ata slice ataionea viu sasa

You over trust your brain kagege

Keep crying .

Kagege sisi ndio tunaskia utamu wa serekali wewe ukinonji nonji bure

You are more invested in politics than the politicians. Kenya is bigger than raila or ruto

Says the cultist sacrificing themselves for a dinosaur.

Nyamazisha hio umbwa


@ranny lazima tupewe nusumkati

Fuer and unga razima zirudi 90 bob before we call off maandamano. Tumefinywo sana na sakayo mtosa usuru.


Ndoto ya mchana. Watu wameambiwa mkicheza nyinyi na familia yenyu mnaingia no fly list ya kuenda majuu

Watch this space

Si nikiwaambia eeh! After wailing why the west was quiet, they went and lectured him yesterday to stop his violence. Now he is back toโ€™ the west should keep of Kenya affairs!โ€™ . Slice ni kwa viu sasa

Fungua @Server

Utamu wa teargas mnaweza skia to the fullest. We donโ€™t mind losing out on that

His affinity for loans will make him have to accept

Real owners of the country have to step in when matters get out of hand.