Maandamano in Eldoret

Wouldn’t be surprised if those kids are eventually bailed out by taxpayer chums, watasomeshwa

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The parents of the 200 students paid Sh837 million between May and December 2021.

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mandago alitumia pesa campaign


President William Ruto has warned those who allegedly stole millions from parents in the Finland and Canada education scholarship to return the money.

He said it’s embarrassing and would not want such to happen again.

Ruto spoke on Wednesday in Eldoret town.

“It’s embarrassing for anyone to steal money meant for the education of young people in Uasin Gishu,” he said.

“Those involved should carry their own cross.”

Mandago should be jailed. How can you steal from poor people yet you are the governor?

Kuna mzae alipeana mkia ndio mtoi apewe scholarship. Apake deep heat apone mkia polepole

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