Maandamano are kicks of a dying horse...

Raila is sadly deflated political wise, age does not favor him anymore, sad part of western province the bukusus, bungoma and transnzoia side has been edged from him.
It is sad Raila is finishing bad after all that struggle and suffering in the Moi nyayo house torture Chamber…
Maandamano is a reaction of that long held frustrations, all had been in vain, he has nothing personal to show for his long time political escapades.
With a lost son, I always pity baba as misunderstood as he is always been by the Mt Kenya people…
Baba time to rest there is nothing that will come out from maandamano, for baba America the west to be specific had deserted Azimio, Ruto as the west blueboy is a decoy to counter China influence here,Baba time to rest well exit the political scene with honor…

Baba next election akue governor

Pilipili isio kuwasha sida yako ni nini? Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Amekaa kwa giza 15yrs after kula 10yrs with Kibaki. What really disturbs him and the likes of watermelon and Karua is that the 15yrs will soon be 20. Riggy G achukue zake kumi ikue 30yrs. Mungu apee baboon maisha marefu kabisa so that he vies in 2037

He is finishing bad and has nothing to show because he doesn’t know how to protect his victories!

Protect victories from what? Nobody stole anything worthwhile from him

Mmepata dawa ya ukimwi? :smiley:
Mungu halali

Slow puncture .

Raila cannot lead anyone anywhere meaningful.

Rat is a dictatorial conman. His greed for power saw him overthrow even his own father. Every time he was defeated even in party elections he would cry foul and start his usual shenanigans. You just have to look at what he has done to his backyard to thank God that despot will never be president. Orengo tried to bring alternative meaningful leadership to his people and was fought until he gave up and bowed to the tingod. No democracy is allowed in odm. Either now to mganga or mib will deal with you.

that despot has never fought for anything but himself. Any other outcome has been incidental

Zakayo and Riggy Gee should be busy trying to stabilize the Nation’s Economy instead of attending Political Church Services and hanging out with Cult Preachers …

Bure Kabisa …:mad::mad:

Is this some cope from the fact that your kagege president is withering in real time probably suffering from some incurable disease ?

We shall arrest and lock him up if he dares to go for those demos on Tuesday

Hehe meaning what may I ask?

Mkiwa na Nani na hiyo utambi yioote. Wewe kwanza ni ngumu moja tu ya kitambi iingie na huko ndani uanze kuhema Kisha unyambe, utapike, uhare ukufe

Tuonane Tuesday mdau

This viewpoint is misguided imo.
-Raila ate with Moi during the “merger”
-Raila ate well during Kibaki’s 10 years especially during nusu mkate
-Raila ate well during Uhuru’s second tenure post handshake.
-Devolution has been a boon for Rao as he gets a cut in every ODM stronghold county since 2013.
-ODM is a cash cow for Rao as you have to seek his “blessings” to get any seat in his strongholds, that usually involves some cash of sorts.
He has nothing personal to show?
He’s a multi billionaire former prime minister, I’d think that’s quite an accomplishment by any metric. He has very little chance of ever becoming pork but it doesn’t take away from his financial and political muscle

He has always reigned but never ruled. The man has always been in power even when in opposition