This might be true


About the car floating…I won’t comment. The rest about sea creatures is bullshit. Sharks, yes. Seems alot is unknown about rip tides. I had a friend die out in the ocean from being sucked back into the ocean. Education is needed. But indeed that stranger was right about warning that mother to remove her kid from the water. Watu hawajui level ya maji yakianza kupanda…and it’s always a sad story in the end.

The car was floating because of the empty space inside so difference in pressure made it to float for some time before water went in through the openings in the front. When the water filled in the pressure equalized and it became more heavier than the surrounding pressure so it sunk

Lazy Africans. If something doesn’t seem normal then it must be a supernatural phenomenon.

what kind of crap is this…watu waende shule

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People do swim in those waters

What do you expect from people who fill Ng’ang’a’s church every Sunday? Hata elimu haiwezi saidia.

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Facts… from mijikenda n lot of wavuvi families will tell you this…
Respect the ocean too many things happenin’ huko… visit vijiji kando ya bahari utaelewa


Bonobos cant explain riptides …anything that is not normal but has science to explain it is witchcraft

The weight of water displaced by the car created an upward force on the vehicle (upthrust) enabling the car to temporarily become a boat. With time, water seeped through, making it heavier. Gradually, the weight of water in the car plus weight of car became greater than upthrust, thus sinking in.

The explanation given is applicable to pressurized cabins in aircraft. Difference between atmospheric pressure and pressure in the cabin may cause damage under extreme conditions.

Raised kwa family yenye ‘mikoba’ there’s nothing you can tell me homie… half the things nimeona you will only experience them after life… karibu digoland

Mbona mi sijaziona. And which law of physics do these phenomena follow?

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Bonobos cant explain riptides …anything that is not normal but has science to explain it is witchcraft

The effect of civilisation…

I dont know whther those are true but I remember in L. Victoria there used to be some things called Nyawawa. usiku ilikua inapiga kelele kama maji ya mchele yenye inachemka