A Magistrate and 3 Court officials have been arrested for mishandling 10 kilograms of Heroin worth Sh30 million.
Mombasa Principal Magistrate Edgar Kagoni Matsigulu was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) alongside Abdalla Awadh Abubakar (Executive Assistant, Mombasa Law Courts), Lawrence Thoya Bayan (Support staff Mombasa Law Courts) and Onesmus Miinda Momanyi (Court Assistant, Ruiru Law courts).
“The magistrate and the three other court officials are all in lawful custody awaiting to be charged on Monday,” said George Kinoti, the DCI director.
He said the three were arrested “over reckless handling of exhibits leading to the loss of approximately 10 kilograms Heroin valued at Sh30 million and cash of various currency valued at over Sh600,000.”
The offences were committed in July this year in Mombasa Law Courts.
Kinoti confirmed that the magistrate was booked at Kilindini Port Police Station while the three others were detained at Makupa police station, Nyali police station and ICD Police station in Nairobi respectively.
Offenses facing them include “obstruction with intent to defeat justice, aiding and abetting trafficking in narcotic drugs at the Mombasa law courts” among others.


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