ma fresher

nimepata kammoja nikakula for 9hrs na bado anataka more… what are you parents feeding them

Umbwa ghasia takataka meffi kama uwesmakende

mbona unatesa mkono hivyo.


broke, ugly, blue balled, dry spelled bachelor… 9 pussies in the last 2 weeks all under 19… we cant compare


Soma handle yangu tena, i could care less

:D:D:D Hujaambia huyo msee poa

Continue squandering pocket money from your toiling parents.

Picha hata ya pedicure

self independent since 19 you broke ass

:D:D sweep kama hii na thread bado iko open?


Leta picha take tuamini.

It’s squandering money all the same


k-talkers always need to visualize what you’re saying with some ebrufication evidence kama ujaiwai jua… ungeeka ata picha ya kitanda right now the comments on this thread could be on page 10

Without mbisha effidence ni u:meffi:


ulikapata wapi