M-Shwari-is this kenyas official shylock?

Is Mshwari kenyas official shylock?what do they continue to dispensing this mobile based loan facility at 7.5% per month?is mobile banking not regulated by by CBK?CBA lets meet in court.

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Please members explain to me like a guy who is intellectually incapacitated

Nimeshangaa sana. How does interest on all other loans come down and not MShwari?

MSHWARI ni nini ?

OK the shareholders, hao ndo I am certain are using Bureaucracy to their advantage, hiyo rate haitawahi shuka, not soon anyway

Tunapeleka watu kortin,hata kama ni muthamaki.

the interest rate on m-shwari has a fixed rate of 7.5℅ and a fixed payment duration of 1 month, those claiming that it is 7.5℅ p.m do not understand the math

What is the difference?

:D:D:D:Dacha kwanza upewe kiti

the difference is a loan of 7.5℅ pm translates to a rate of 90℅ p.a, a flat rate of 7.5% to be repaid within 30 days translates to 7.5℅ p.a

Mshwari doesn’t charge any interest. They only charge a facilitation fee.

Ok. I am confused now

what do they charge?

Facilitation fee

Whatever the charge,name it whatever but is it not loans that they give?and on your deposits what do they pay?(facilitation fee?)we have a strong case here.

whatever is charged on a loan for a fixed period of time is interest!period.


Equally they should communicate that what they pay on your deposit is called a"thank you" fee or whatever.

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I believe so too, to be able to take deposits and give loans you have to have a banking licence, and that law that was passed addresses such businesses