M-Pesa Holding Company Limited

Safaricom has announced the acquisition of 100 per cent of M-Pesa Holding Company Limited from Vodafone Holdings B.V.

M-Pesa Holding is the corporate trustee responsible for holding the mobile banking platform’s customer funds under the M-Pesa trust arrangement.

The telco said in a public announcement on Thursday that the process of acquiring full ownership of M-Pesa Holding began in April.

Safaricom’s board of directors said it had met all required conditions for the transaction, including obtaining approval from shareholders and relevant regulators.

“The Board of Directors of Safaricom PLC is pleased to notify the public of the completion of the acquisition by Safaricom of the entire issued share capital of M-PESA Holding Co. Limited from Vodafone International Holdings BV,” it said.

The board noted that M-PESA Holding will continue to act as the corporate trustee of the M-PESA trust funds upon completion of the transaction.

Mpesa run on Huawei, Chinese superior, 2nd to none. Vodafon4 shy, afraid of association with Huawei.

However, Vodafone not shy of profit from Mpesa, derived from Huawei technology.

Vodafone push mpesa to other company, vodafone continue enjoying Huawei derived profit through 3rd party.

Fully owned by Nabii government. Good job. We are fixing the handshake

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Safaricom is soon becoming KQ and Mumias in the nabii govt. Actuarial Scientists wa silicone valley washa advise Vodafone wajitoe mapema.

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Huyo Ndegwa atolewe cha nguvu. He has destroyed shareholder value as expected. Warudishe competent foreigners

Juzi tu nimekaa like 20hrs bila home fibre juu ya makosa flani. SIku hizi saf inabehave in a certain way that can easily cause “discombobulation”! Sini wakikawia huko juu Mkenya akiwa hapo.

Hata pia rais wa Kenya tuchague foreigner. Or Wajackoya :green_emoji:

Nimesoma mahali leo wajachietha alifinya the late ouko makei.The next public appearance atokee kama amevaa ngodha ya chuma juu nta aim makei zake na feya nikitumia bano

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But he was the CEO when the share price hit 44 bob juzi in 2021. Then the KK Klan took over in 2022 and everything went south. So the problem is not him but the KKK.

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The west banned Huawei and any dealings with the company. You should be grateful kenya is still working with huawei. And you should minimize your stupid gloating otherwise we will deport you like we have done to your racist kind.

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we all need each other. western countries should not pretend. during the day, they are against china. At night, they make transaction with Chinese company

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Si mlisema safcom line ni ya Mpesa tu,Sasa mnataka profits zitoke wapi na you don’t want purchase co.products

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Sisi watu wa uku tulihama Airtel money.

I have a very profitable business of people sending me money via Airtel Money. We have even agreed, sasa end month we can save over Kes25,000 on transaction fees!

People who work for MPESA make everything look as if they are the BIGGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!


Very sad.Hadi sikuizi mtu anaeza kukudanganya alikutumia pesa na akuonyeshe mpesa statement yake yenye ametumiwa na safcom kumbe ni fake

Unajua kazi ya actuaries ni gani?

vizuri sana. ushirika kwa manufaa ya watu wote