M I mentally unstable ?

This a question n my family knows I have a problem from the way they talk in whispers in my absence …

Nikama niliangushwa na kikoi nikiwa mdogo …

Just the fact that you post this means you DO have issues… mental or otherwise.

Some of those issues can be sorted out with nyahunyo.


U have made my night Hadi nikacheka walai…

Yes you are. You do have mental problems. Your posts are enough testimony.

I bet m a philosopher of life … There are times I find myself analyzing the human behavior for instance , why do u always have emotional attachment in my posts … Sometimes u encourage , sometimes u feel pissed off … This is something m trying to understand as u try to understand my character!!! In short you are a wanderer , wander no more … Wat m I saying now

Ama uwache tu kuvuta bhangi kaka

Do not worry, a sage once remarked “every body is mad, what matters is the degree of maddness” .

Take solace and repose in these words.

Ati ni kama uliangushwa na kikoi ukiwa mdogo :D:D:D:D. Wacha kuvuta mashashola nanii :smiley:

Ukiachana na bangi utakuwa sawa… Achana kuchanganya bangi na depression… Io huharibu akili kabisaaa

Ama ajifunze kusanif ngwai poa

This villager needs psychological help

Machaa ako tu sawa:D

Shida yako nikuwa haujielewi. Make sure ukivuta bhangi uko kwa conscious state and that you know what you are doing. Heal yourself with Music. Know who you are. Avoid alcoholee