Lyon vs man city

Currently Lyon 2- city 1. Kumbe French league sio bure. :D:D
Lyon 3 man city 1

sterling amemiss kitu ingiine wakafungwa immeditely

Hio miss imenishtua.


This time kumekuwa na shockers.

City kuchunishwa sukuma DFBLBHHKN

Guaordiola should be fired with the most expensive squad in europe he only wins a plastic trophy Carabao worth 10,000 pounds and loses the league with a margin of 20 points

Jesus pia ameuza

Guardiola got his tactics wrongs, from the wrong team selection, wrong formation wrong everything. He should have played his 4-3-3 formation with sterling, Jesus and bernado but he went for a 3-4-2-1/3-5-2 formation, it was too slow, Fernandinho was ineffective and everybody looked out of place, man city deserved to lose today. And that is the problem with Pep he changes his starting 11 too many times. He should have stuck with the team that beat Real madrid. The English have a saying if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Vile uliona hii yote, LiveBet uliekelea ukakula ngapi?


City always fuck up kwa UCL

Tigana na gacunee kau no nikariaa maaah hau

What cost man shitty is the EPL the fixtures were congested. Ligue one was ended premature so the French team had ample time to prepare.

stop lying…Lyon was at a disadvantage…unlike other teams Lyon lacked match fitness…other teams had the advantage of proper preparation and match fitness after corona…city never learns…Europe favours teams that don’t do a lot of tikitaka…

Dries mertens