Lynn Ngugi spreads false New Age religion

There is only one God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anything which takes the place of God is satanic. You can see how the god of this evil age is spreading his influence to our people under the guise of “African traditions.”

one cult member calling out another cult member for culting differently… hamna tofauti…

ignorant people dont know jesus is a very young deity…


Religion is a scam. It was a tool used by the white man to control us. Why would someone come with a bible and lie to you that you will go to hell if you dont believe in it yet the same person had a gun and was killing Africans for sport.

The message of Christianity was the best thing to ever happen in Africa. However, satan didn’t want God to get all the credit so he had to insert some negative aspect in the form of imperial colonialists who by the way were not Christians.

How old is crucifixion in the historical record???

Mnyambo wa punda. Same white man alileta bible na akasema marriage is between man and woman is the same person spreading gàyism. Tangazani msimamo

christians are groomed to be sheep… ndo maana preachers huwa their moral compass without leadership hawana msimamo.

It’s not about the people who brought Christianity, but the message, the Light they introduced us to. That’s why we will go to the West and proselytize this gospel which their forefathers brought. The message never gets old because the Jesus Christ of 1890 is the same Jesus even today.

Sounds like Satan is more clever and powerful than God…

What is GOD.

I’m sure you have read your Bible. I challenge you to read about its compilation in the present form.
I believe in a higher power but can’t shake the fact that what is considered the word of God is a highly politically manipulated power and colonial tool used to control populations since ancient greece

Elders banae mumeamua kumaliza kondooo ya Owuor.

Are we going to Mars or what?

We are intelligent beings…we have to question and explore and reflect and extrapolate …

To be honest I don’t really have a problem with Christian faith. Love your neighbours and love the Lord with your heart, mind and strength is a good message

youngman uwache kutomba malaya

What is this higher power?

Power squared

ignorance will forever make bonobos to be the inferior among all human races.

The same people who taught bonobos about Christianity moved on and dumped the same because they were using it just as a tool to control them.

The huge religious population in Bonoboland is the best demonstration of inferiority complex.They want to raise their self esteem by believing that god is god of the poor and the downtrodden.But the reality is, even if said god existed he would be too silly to care about social classes on this dot called earth.The universe is just too huge,that he would even get surprised to realize that there exists life on earth.

Stop your ego and thinking that a beardy dad on the sky is checking on you,You can die in a jiffy and the world and Earth moves on as if nothing just happened.