Lynn Ngugi leaves Tuko

Hope she’ll be taking hot director Edwin Ochieng with her. They belong togeza. @Finest wine


Wooow woow what a shocker!! Any idea where she is off to? the two work so well together. Wherever they go we follow…esp that hugely talented fine jeng with a big heart. Who owns TUKO? I thought Director Ed has a huge share in it?

Big loss for tuko

Huge loss. She literally gave Tuko its stature. Hope it doesnt collapse. Every time a star leaves a station, his feature show falls on its belly. For example Moha left Jicho pevu, that show fell flat.
Anyway a great candidate to take over for Lynn is that lady who came out of jail, the one was a lecturer. Great linguistic presence, and shes a natural.

Amevimba kicha juu ya pesa nane. This is kenya. Unpee mtu kazi anaomoka na client contact list yote. No wonder muhindi is so harsh on workers.

Sana. She’s so personable and motherly.

Who WTF is this???

Hey its the ladies’ section, just let them be…