Lydia Gesare:please let me see my children

Enyewe Hawa chimpanzees watawaonyesha mambo these cases are too many. @Finest wine ona Virginia mwingine. In Kenya it’s like there’s no law aki wah.

Woow so heartbreaking:mad:. How many Kamothos do we have in that Jamu? this really mirrors Virginia’s case. There must be many other cases…but with Virginia’s victory we will see many of these women coming out which is a really good thing.
It is heartbreaking to hear a mother beg for her kids like that.

I always say…never ever give a fellow human being your whole heart…that kind of love is reserved for the Lord. I hope she gets to see her kids. Unakumbuka the ongoing saga of the woman seeing her kids for 9 hrs in a year?:mad:
Virginia’s case used to give me nightmares and I would wake up screaming in the night…[SIZE=1]hope I won’t dream about this lady…[/SIZE]

A ‘Fupisha’ mama treated Virginia to a birthday of the century. She is off to the coast this wikendi.

Its so bad to deprive children their mothers. So bad for the kids. Look at Angel Maria before and after.