luto should forget mt kenya

only a political challenged talker thinks cendral will vote for Lootall.

What happened in Kiambaa? Who did they vote ?
Njuguna Wanjiku was sponsored by Ruto and campaigned with Ruto image and Kariri Njama was sponsored by Uhuru and campaigned with Uhuru image. Where did it end ?

What you fear most will come to you, still dont understand why grown men are so obsessed with another man.

Deep down, they knew they were still voting for a Kiuk. A better illustration would be if Ruto’s candidate came from a different ethnic group and you would see if campaigning with Ruto’s image would account for much. The ship has started sinking…tiktok…tiktok

A man who might be president… very justified to be obsessed with him… keep your gay thoughts out of this thread

A man who might be president… very justified to be obsessed with him… keep your gay thoughts out of this thread

Did you expect them to vote for a Jaruo or Kalenjin? This is a very stupid reasoning. Kiambu is in central province if you never knew

2022 Raila Kodinga will be our bull, Ruto I don’t know his place but probably opposition leader

I’m sorry to say this, but your Lootall sycophancy has morphed you into a dunderhead! Of course for them (Kiuks), the candidate has to be a Kiuk (you’ve even said it yourself, and Lootall and Agwambo arent Kiuks either), and that mentality cannot change overnight. Come the election time and they will realize that they have to make a very hard choice. Lootall is just being fooled by those Kiuk political turncoats who are just after his cash. Gatheca knows this behavior all too well and knows what will happen at the end of Lootall’s relationship with the turncoats. He knows that these Cendro MPs n govners are just on business. The more they mislead Lootall (with orchestrated events, such as people paid to attend ceremonies that are graced by Lootall, to create a facade of Tangatanga having a ‘cult’ following in Cendro! Cult my big toe!) and spend his cash with wanton abandon, the more the Kieleweke wing gains. All Gatheca has to do is sabotage Lootall’s finances and the turncoats bolt away. The second in command is getting desperate and turning to other questionable sources to stock his ‘war chest’, as evidenced in the recent Harun Aydin issue. Matiang’i is on record calling Harun a notorious money launderer. The exodus has started now with Moses Kuria and Kiunjuri out. Pinga tukuskie…

:D:D:D:D:D… dynasties are panicking!!!Ruto will be president of Kenya ,the guy is in his mid 50s,whether it’s 2022,2027,2032,2037 jamaa Ako sawa,he has the money, popularity and connection s to continue running untill he wins , gathecha and have dynasties are trying to stop the inevitable,it’s like trying to stop death,raundi hii ni kubad.

Moses Kuria and Kiunjuri are not exiting Ruto’s camp. They just want to reorganize themselves and form a political party for Mt Kenya region so that they can negotiate with Hustler as equal partners. In other words they don’t want to support Ruto with eyes closed.

Was Ruto vying huko Kiambaa?