Luthuli Back To Filth & Disorder Even After Ksh 24 Million Facelift. NIABM

Can Africans Manage anything?

The more things change the more things stay the same.
Two years ago, Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi got a Sh24 million facelift.

The road, which was ever chaotic road, was rehabilitated and turned into a one-way street in an attempt to expand pedestrian walkways and make businesses visible and convenient to buyers after the business community complained.

The county government kicked out matatus and the road shrank to allow for wider sidewalks, space for trees and some benches.

Luthuli is no longer safe. Matatus, tuk-tuks and boda boda riders are back, sometimes knocking down pedestrians on sections that were preserved for them

Si kwa ubaya but it is a fact that we Africans are too comfortable with disorder and chaos. Only a ruthless ubermensh can save us from that.

Hii ni Luthuli Street ya wapi ama mambo tu Ni kucopy paste githeri media?

Is it really that messed up was there last week and it wasn’t anything close to what you have described is it hot air?

In greek, luthuli sounds like saying fart. Labda hiyo jina mnyambo ndio huiharibia

Government officials wa kenya hutumia matako kufikiria. It’s like they don’t get their cars not matatus are the cause of traffic jams. Schupit people beyong repair


usha join bandwagon ya Dindu

Sakaja and UDAkus wamefanya kasi buana.

Luthuli haiko hivi buana

Here’s how garbage is collected in Nairobi, kanjo pays for every km travelled further from the dumpsite. It’s more beneficial for garbage to be picked 30Km away from CBD than within CBD

In this century bado tunaishi kwa mud houses. Dark continent sio bure. Ngombe ici
Eti hapa ni kwangu

Most negros and good management= water and oil.