Luthuli Avenue Upgrade

Luthuli avenue is undergoing some upgrades. They want it to be more pedestrian focused, badala ya kusumbuana na matatu.

I’ve just seen the artist drawing of how it should look after. I’m skeptical obviously, because here in Kenya what you find on the ground is usually very different from what was drawn on paper.
But I think it should be a start. We should do this to most streets in Nairobi.
They are widening the sidewalks, and I think a cyclist path. I’m glad they are partitioning the motorway from the sidewalks with barriers. Otherwise it would have been useless.

Alafu nimeona ati the budget for this is Sh24 million, funded by UN… chieth.
That’s less money than is stolen in a week at City Hall.



Very nice hawking spaces being created.

:D:D:D That should be the first thing they ban.

Kwanza hapo kwa cycling.

Unless they have city askaris on full-time posting along that street, it’s inevitable that the hawkers will colonise it

Bado tutagongwa tu

:D:D:D @Meria Mata ajaribu kupita na bicycle yake hapo Njoro amuambie “Kanyaga uripe!!! Nikii Mani!!”.:D:D.

How will electronics be offloaded to the shops? Nairobi kitale bar, Amar, and Rico zitakua affected?

The whole of downtown roads should be redone like this as well. After all who still drives himself there, its mostly matatus, taxis and commercial vehicles. Just provide designated places for taxis and trucks. Matatus need to be moved away from town.

That means it will be one way?

Yes like mama ngina drive.

Its one of the most enjoyable streets to walk on. I think that side of town should turn more raods into one ways. Eg Latema, Ronald Ngala, Kirinyaga and River Roads and then vehicle parking along the roads be removed.

walevi na machokosh watatapika na kunyora kwa izo miti vibaya sana :smiley:

Hivi ndio streets za dxb hukaa huko deira. Copy paste

Upus mtupu hii cycling lane. So baiskeli itakuwa imepitia wapi ndo ifike hapo Luthuli?

This needs to be done like 100%.Ban matatus from CBD.

Should be like mama ngina street, a few loading bays for the buildings tosha

They can allow a few regulated and scattered kiosks. It is job creation.


sasa ndinga tutakuwa tuna park wapi tukienda kusafisha macho hapo ricoz ?

Unasema nini ???