@Luther12 and Other Medics,

DISCLOSURE: I attended med school for 3-and-a-half years before switching courses, so you can always claim this is a case of sour grapes.

It takes about Sh2 million per year to train a doctor. Taxpayers money, which is all virtually paid by gava. In contrast it takes just over 300,000 to train any other professional.

In 2011, doctors in Kenya got a 100 per cent salary raise.

Today, they are asking for a 300% pay rise. Taken together with the 2011 raise, this would essentially amount to a 600% pay rise in five years - a world record.

While doctors go to uni for 7 years, other graduates are still highly-trained professionals. Architects train for 6 years, YET in gava service are paid a THIRD of what doctors earn!

Doctors argue that it is unfair to pay an MCA (there are about 1500 of those) 500,000 and pay doctors 130,000. Valid point. But is the solution to pay every graduate 1m because MCAs rigged their way into eating? Where would that leave Kenya? Do you burn your own home because of a few rats, or do you buy rat-rat and kill the rats one by one?

Medics say that they want a comprehensive package to improve healthcare generally. So who steals the few drugs that are distributed to public healthn facilities? Who steals equipment to equip their own private clinics? Who prescribes patients unnecessarily expensive antibiotics and refers them to some chemist so that at end of day there’s some Sh5,000 waiting? Who goes for locum in private hospitals leaving public patients unattended? Who goes to theatre drunk as a skunk, risking patients’ lives and limbs? Who calls pregnant ladies in pain names, telling them they were not there when they were having their fun?

I could go and on and on.

Wacheni ushenzi na mrudi kazi ama we bring Cuban medics. Kwani?


Unadhani kuclam hii kitu yote ni mchezo…wacha pia sisi madaktari tukule nyama

hii ni upussi.
if 1 mbisch can steal 1.6 BILLION and we don’t feel a pinch as a country, then there is 1.6 billion each for the 5 thousand doctors in .ke, it is very simple for the county governments to end the standoff, stop wasting funds going to Tanzania to ‘bond’(gay ass motherfuckers) or spending 130million to learn table manners and pay akina @Luther12 !



About some the ills you have stated above, i think you are lumping DOCTORS(Graduates who at the least have Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery),with any one who works in a hospital and dons a white coat.
It is certainly wrong to go to theater, or indeed show up at work drunk. But not all the doctors do so.And if you encounter one, whether in a public or private hospital, it is your right and responsibility to report.Indeed the MPDB has acted on a few of them.But it is not right to generalise.
About the theft of drugs and equipment, you may not be aware that Doctors don’t have any role in the procurement, storage and dispensing of drugs.They don’t even step into the pharmacy, unless to find out why some drugs are not available. The whole business of drugs and such is handled by the Hospital Pharmacist or Pharmaceutical Technologist.
Where theft happens, it is a crime and should be treated as such. But it is quite a stretch to claim that all the doctors do steal!And if they do, do you want them back to where they steal???


^^^kijana, are you trying to teach me how hospitals operate? Coz that’s like a nursery kid trying to teach @Ka-Buda how to drive…


And i haven’t even started !

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If this issue was so important to you and the rest who are ‘concerned’ about this, then this issue would have come up a very long time ago. Now, doctors are asking for money to be allocated into the health care system including their salaries ndio watu sasa wanaamka. …hypocrites…
I wish y’all cared about the other hundreds of billions being poured into ‘projects’ and draining our coffers, but no, mmeamua let’s bash the doctors since tumeona hatuwesmek na our leaders.:rolleyes::rolleyes:


a hospital pharmacist makes an order…which is forwarded to relevant suppliers through procurement department. When drugs are received, they are received by procurement department (stores). A pharmacist orders just enough drugs for a week, the rest of the bulk drugs remain in the major store under stores department. When drugs get stolen, mostly from the stores which are managed by completely different people. Ideally there should be a pharmacist based on the store due to commodity management but due to limited personell


Hehehe another terrible accusation.
Doctors are quite aware that some of the antibiotics procured by the government agency,KEMSA are no better than chalk!
And they find their way into the country through CORRUPTION.
That being the case, isn’t it SAFER for the patient to buy an expensive but effective antibiotic??Rather than ply him with drugs of doubtful quality when his life is in danger?


In as much as the rot within ChupiLee is sky high, I agree with gathee. First, I know of a few civil engineering graduates living with a paycheck of less than Kes 70,000. I can name many other professionals earning less, whose jobs are the backbone of our economy. As for my case, after graduating I got a mean payment job. I had to find a way out or put up with mediocrity. Thus I started trading forex. The guys who mentored me in trading make five to ten times what doctors earn. In five years time I could join the same ranks.

My point is if you are not satisfied, make your comfort. The government is not your mother to baby you. Besides medicine should be a calling. This assholes who relied heavily on exam leakages to get to the top, thinking it will be all rosy.


Ati this fmcp attended the ivy league na ameandika matope kama hii.


…continued …but due to limited personell, the very expensive drugs are left in the hands of stores people who mostly view them as money. Ironically, when the drugs are received, they are signed for by a pharmacist with a personal number but then left under custody of other people, when they get stolen, the pharmacist is crucified yet he/she is busy running the pharmacy department not knowing dawa zinaibiwa stores

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FMCP ona hii

…on the issue of personell…tembea health centres na dispensary upate casuals are the ones dispensing. No pharmaceutical technologist employed…casuals are paid once in like 3 months and they are the custodians of the so said drugs. so what do you expect?

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What will happen when the five days window expires?

Wacha wagome vile wanataka. Wengine wao ndio walipigia ChupiLee kura.

Full of unfounded sensationalist claims.


We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

The Kenyan government is in a position similar to a man facing a divorce court, while the Kenyan doctors are like the wife who stands to gain a lot from the man’s hard work. ___Alchemist2017

Are we justifying low pay among civil servants when a third of Kenya annual budget is lost to corruption.
In a country where we launch footbridges at 600m each, 5.3B is lost and no one is questioned, hairdressers catwalk with sacks of money at night, we testify having stolen money and nothing happens. We move from 139 to 145 in global corruption index in a record 365days.
Are we also justifying university lecturers earning 100k, economists 60k, architects and engineers 70k, accountants 50k, teachers 40k in Kenya?
Ati since others are earning low wages, then everyone should be comfortable earning meagre pay.
Such kind of reasoning doesn’t inspire my intellect.