Luther pris

My bamba decoder just flashes a ka orange light but haionyeshi anything. at a kwa TV its just blank. Shida inaeza kua nini?

It has realised its an outdated piece of tech. Its flashing morse code to put it out of its misery


Brarre F… ama wacha tu. wacha ningoje dagitare kwanza

There is a reset way of pressing V+, P+ and Power buttons all at the same time. Just like the way you reset an Android phone.

Ooops! I forgot this process is when the decoder is tuned to only one channel and it won’t tune to any other and neither does the remote respond.

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Kwani Luther amekuwa fundi Wa Decoders? anyway, pigia Caroline Mutoko umueleze shida yako.

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Matter core

Hio decoder ni motherboard ime go…the only option u buy a new 1 ama u visit ua electronics fundi.

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Kama Hanna idea na kitu hakuna haja ya kucomment. No point in proving your

Thanx man

I’m sad to hear this… Don’t worry it’s just a decoder

Peleka Lion Place Westlands they will sort you. Kama imeisha warranty i believe they may charge.