Lupita Nyong'o was also sexually molested by Weinstein

(CNN) - Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has a Harvey Weinstein story, too. And she’s sharing it in hopes of doing her part to end what she calls in a New York Times op-ed a “conspiracy of silence.”
In her piece, Nyong’o recounts several encounters with Weinstein, whom she met while she was still a student at the Yale School of Drama. Two of their meetings bear resemblance to other accounts from the more than 40 women who have accused Weinstein of inappropriate behavior, ranging from sexual harassment to rape… Continue at


Expect more of these allegations, kuomba kuma imekuwa complicated sana.


leso tumepewa

Nimeona comment pale FB nikashangaa.

Are there people who find Lupita ugly?

Bill Cosby desecration but toned down, because of white privilege.


Don’t know the inner details but I think we are only being treated to one side of the show by slay queens trying to sanitize their acts. There must be a lot shady exchanges in the showbiz industry…what is a struggling actor/shosholite willing to give, to get that one opportunity that will change their life forever??


ugly, and beautiful, is a very subjective issue…


Very true. Strauss Kahn aliona French presidency ikimpotea tu ivo juu ya story kama hii ya sexual molestation. Alafu after elections nikaskia he was acquited.


I though the world was beyond that…the POTUS grabs them by the puthy!!, Actually I saw Hillary castigating Weinstein and wondered how come she stood with Bill who ferked assistants in the oval office and other square offices he’s held


it becomes an issue once someone “amevuka border”…


Yule bro wako bado ako kwa Dean’s list? Hujamtaja for some time.


Lupita has never worked with Harvey Weinstein

this is what Lupita wrote

read through it before you make your own fabricated conclusions.

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But you know they all shady…kama vile she says she left asking if they were good…tells you this wasn’t her first rodeo plus si kwa ubaya but heistien ain a pulling bitches with that mug shot of his…so kuturniwa down was kawa so am sure he was gate keeper in some production na miguu zilifunguka…and pia Hao madem kuseduce studios also have a list they pitia of men to make sure they get the part…so fuck this Hollywood bs…but Cosby though man that shit still.bugs the fuck out of me…


Harvey Weinstein = @Kidinyi
Case solved.


imebaki shuma irare ndani


Shez very ugly ata pesa ya clinix haiezi saidia.

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So what’s exceptional in a woman saying no? The guy has the decency to offer cab fare even after being denied sex… if that’s the way he operated then he was a jerk, but he doesn’t come off as a rapist.

Really ugly?? Africans …you fucking pathetic …that’s the insult nothing more cuz if you pass on this black dime umepotea

Black and sexy…nataka kama hii niende NATO kucheki black panther dress code ndo it’s switch up