Better than cancer. Ask her dad ng’onyo


Where is @Riddim ? Nataka ile wimbo “guku thi ti guitu nie ndi mwihetukiri”, a dedication to Loopeter, Greek version of Jim Reeves “This world is not my home

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I highly doubt this.

leta vindeo


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You want us to celebrate with ululations, peleka muharo mbali na sisi.


Okay, I guess this is news…

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Sparks, if this was true then it’d be trending. I’ve Googled Lupita Nyong’o and there’s no mention of this in the results.


“I think one thing the campaign [Shuga] is trying to do is talk about how HIV and AIDS is not a death sentence,” Lupita told CNN in an interview in 2010. “[HIV] is a condition that can be managed, if one chooses to do so, if one catches it early on you can live a healthy life with HIV.” I’ve been able to be an ambassador for HIV and AIDS” she said.
Check out the full CNN interview with Lupita, as she talks about Shuga and how it’s changed her.

Sasa tufanye?the girl has her millions and will mos def outlive you…wewe ukipata pneumonia au malaria utaenda tu


now dude who celebrates bad news ?

no one is condeming her.actually no negative comment has been put up in tht subject

She would have tweeted her confession. Halafu her tweet would have been retweeted by every KOT. Kila mtu angekuwa amejua by now, it would no longer be news.

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He he ati Ngon’yo.
Wewe kijana hauna respect kwa kinara wa 2nd liberation?


This is the kind of news Uhuru’s official cock sucker in the village consumes!? You’re simply pathetic

So, what are we supposed to do about it? Is HIV a death sentence? Ask anyone with cancer and they will tell you afathari HIV 1 million times.

If you wanted us to join you in wanking to this news, pole sana. We do not care about people’s HIV status.

Wewe kwanza umepimwa? Na ata kama uko negative, Lupiter will live a far much comfortable life compared to your pathetic peasantry.


look at this are so bitter with news like unajishuku.boss,throwing stones at the author or website wont make you feel relieved:D:D:D:D

I’d still do her