Lupita in Marvels Black Panther

Lupita N’yong’o is likely also going to be playing a villain in Black Panther. While her character of Nakia is traditionally a member of the Black Panther’s personal guard, the Dora Milaje, she takes the role a bit more seriously than others. The traditional purpose of the Dora Milaje is to help the king choose a queen from among the strongest women in Wakanda. While T’Challa does not see the women in this way, Nakia is apparently the jealous type. There will be at least one other member of Dora Milaje in the film. Check her out kwa trailer 01:11[ATTACH=full]105525[/ATTACH]

It’s still a mystery to me how she won as Oscar in 12years a slave. Not hating. Just my opinion.

Are you puzzled because Jason Statham did not win?

Was he featured in the cartoon version of 12Years a slave?

Hell naw. He was the guy who made cockroach noises in the movie Titanic II : Ben Ten Sells no Whales.

Oh, now I remember…He found Waldo.

Yes but later got shot in the hair so he had to kill Elmo because he had no data bundles to save the three monkeys from Darth Vader.


Trailer iko wapi buda?

Maragori umeweka trailer wapi?

It excites me when it comes out as a full African set. It will open doors for black mans world esp Africans not just some American underwear garbed superheroes saving the day.