Luos & their love for dinosaurs

Is there another tribe that likes electing dinosaurs like the Luos ? sure you will find a 65-year old here and there all over the country, but look at how these men in their late 70s are overrepresented in Nyanza politics.

Anyang Nyongo Kisumu Governor - 76

Oburu Odinga Siaya Senator - 76

Raila Odinga Luo Leader 77

Orengo -Siaya Governor 77

Shouldn’t young people be out there developing their careers in various professions and fields .

Add 3 years for their real ages. Anyone born before 1950 didn’t use their real age.

Buncha old geezers got them by the balls and pussies.

Moi and Uhuru took over when they were younger - 50s
Jomo Kenyatta and Kibaki took over while in their 70s

thuggery and incompetence have no upper or lower age boundaries

Though Christian missionaries were already documenting births as early as 1910.
Oburu is older than Rao so he’s over 78
Orengo is 71, he can’t be same age with Rao
Nyongo is also 71, ugonjwa ndio imezeesha yeye

Alafu this ain’t just a luo affair
Pale mountain we have the likes of
Beth mugo at 82
Muturi kigano at 77
Ephraim maina at 75
Kiraitu at 71
Alice wahome 71
Wambora is in his 70s
Jane kihara is old 60s
Tabitha karanja is old 60s

Pale kisii ongeri is 85
Jimmy angwenyi is 79

Luo politicians are just visible otherwise apart from Nandis the rest of Kenyans go for politicians in their late 50s and 60s.

Yeah it’s a nationwide problem.

hata wewe utazeeka

How is it a problem? bad leadership is a problem; not old leadership

hata wewe utazeeka

ODM is the result of these old folks leading Nyanza regions. Anyway Nyongo of Kisumu amefanya kazi saana. Oburu just knows how to drink busaa pale opoda farm. Raila naye we don’t have words to describe his prowes