Luos dodged a bullet with Raila's 2022 electoral defeat

–It is perhaps as well that a first Luo presidency will not be judged by the ability of a tired 77 year old man. The economic hardships occasioned by Covid and subsequently by the Ukraine invasion are such that being a president of any county at all is a plain headache.
–Raila was a competent candidate for this job up to 2013, and a marginally competent one in 2017. At 77, Raila would definitely be in over his head as president in 2022. With “dimmy” eyes being the loud people they are, Raila’s presidency would have come under heavy scrutiny shiny eyes and Kipkulas. Such that economically tough choices like letting go of fuel subsidies would have occasioned much more critique than has been the case under Ruto. At 55, and with his energy, Ruto is better placed to handle the backlash of unpopular decisions facing Kenya today. Besides, he campaigned so hard for the position, and must therefore own its headaches.
–I wish the former prime minister a happy retirement. He should thank his stars that his precious legacy was not tainted by ascending to the presidency at such a shi.tty time in world economies.

2027 and 2032 are wide open. That is when Kindiki, Weta or Mutua will shine

i remember Gachagua saying the supreme court petition was delaying them from bring the price of unga and fuel.

Odomos…subsidizing consumption ni populism…you need solid plans za kuangusha bei sio kulipia unga nusu using pesa ya same maananchi u are taxing…

Unga subsidies was Konyagi1 na Munya emptying public coffers before erections…mnataka jsks anunulie kila mtu ugali sasa

JSKS has 5 years…arudi kwa debe…he is not running for election next month…

Changing course of a behemoth ship like 254 is not instaneneous

Heshimu Rais wako buana.
Do not address him by this initials
Just call him WSR

That might be true, and Raila might also have been forced to do away with the subsidy. The point of my post is that the reality of the the country was in definitely would be too much for the heart of an older president, and the pride of his ardent followers. I wish WSR SIZE=1[/SIZE] well too, no question about it. I am a good soldier. They say in war, the victorious side must take their win with humility.

Two farms run by few workers in bidenistan supply more corn for mifugo…than 254 eats in one year…facts…kusupply mahindi for an interested gova ni kujipanga only…

Most aflatoxin donations ain’t fit for mifugo consumption there…mnapewa sare coz most ni garbarge

although I am of the opinion we need to diversify from ugali…

The previous one waliita yeye Konyagi and Mlevi 1. Huyu naye ni JSKS ama chambas 1.

2027 tutakuwa nyuma ya ya RAO, saa hizi tuko ndani ya sirikali ya Ruto

I wish him well but huoni Baba akinyuria before 2027?

World Bank would have forced Rao to end the fuel subsidy. The 6k was impossible to implement. Shiny eyes would not have subjected his Gov to demos. They would have waited 2027 but the lessons would have been ingrained for decades


Huyu wa sasa ni Mwizi interchangeable na Machozi. Hiyo tu!

Check dossier yangu. Tunafyeka lubusuma na mursik hapo Sugoi, karibu na hapo kwenyu Tiriki. Unakumbuka hizo peugeot za Korsirai zilizovuma hapo Kapsabet kupitia Kabujoi na kuingia hapo kwenyu

That’s just self consolation. Are you one of those fools who used to sing in 2002 that they will never allow another Kalenjin in power?

Anyway, the lion of Sugoi is up to the task and will undo the damages done by the Ichaweri thug. As for Luos, Raila’s failure means that they will have to wait for at least another 30 years to taste power.

Ngetet, obviously you cannot read between the lines

We shall uphold freedom of speech. JSKS it is.

chief ambia Ruto hio factory ya fertilizer , Dangote aijenge Bungoma .

What he said was true. The Luo, just like the rest of Kenya, dodged a bullet. A very big bullet.

Wakwitu tuko na delegation tunaenda Hiriga kwa Riggy G next month. Nikuweke kwa official list?

Anawesweka pilipili kwa nyama na Mchele…not all celebrators are genuine…muinvite round ya bondo…else bebeni eno