Luos and Luhyas if you sleep around and hold the baby will it die

I’ve heard this enough times from our women from the western and nyanza especially that if your baby daddy or baby momma is sleeping with another person and holds the baby it will die. I’ve read stories in women groups of actual mysterious deaths of kids. Ni ukweli ama just superstition?


Hey ladies talking in pain,av been marred for 3yrs now,my hubby loved me so much for the passed 2yrs,bt this 3rd year wenzangu am passing alot, hiz now dating a Kikuyu girl nlichoka nkamwondokea hao kupunguza stress bt gues wattttt,jamaa alileta msichana ady kwa nyumba kwa my beddings we have a bby gal,he asked for forgiveness en I admitted now its passed 2 days end av heard that he was cought fucking a girl in a certain street yet he comes in house en also fucks me,my kid now anavomit n kuhara orange things,help plz,I really love my husband plz drop ua advice,am in pain

Hii ni ujinga unaandika trumankapote. Conventional Medicine should sort such issues in the times we live in

Well Spoken…
Visit your nearest Health provider for remedy…
This “uchawi” business is so 1930s stuff …:smiley:

kavirondians build their entire culture around sex. it is one of the most sexual societies in Africa