Luos don’t shrub, they preserve letters like kabat, chapat, because the letter “i” is used in iPhones, iPads, intercom, inauguration and gik makamago

where is the sex?

Must be in the “Kabat”

What sex?

Kwa xx films

Mosa kihii kiaganu giki


[ATTACH=full]224219[/ATTACH]so why the ferk do they say Some Pain for champagne?

God i hate that name ady

English pia hu flow kama lugha ya mama. Syntax ya dholuo ni sambamba na kizungu.

Mosakwe wewe ni kabila gani?

Maa na wewe?

I’m ashamed to admit but i’m not attracted to Luo chics.I have only piped one in my long list…I find them brash,loud and uncultured.Again,I’m very embarrased to admit this

Hahahaha… aty embarrased?

Wait for them rocks!