Luo musicians obsession with mimicking Congolese artists

A funny thing I have noticed is that most Luo musicians like to mimic Lingala musicians. They even try to produce rhumba songs like their Congolese counterparts and even include the zairean dialect in their songs. But what baffles most is the fact that Luo is nilotic but Lingala is Bantu, just like Kikuyu or kikamba. Actually most Bantus don’t like Lingala music the way Luos like it. Then there is one other problem with Luo musicians. They have monotonous baritone voice which doesn’t blend well with rhumba genre. Congolese rhumba sounds sexy and melancholic due to the silky and soothing voices of the Zairean musicians like Madillu, Awilo, Sam Mangwana, Pepe Kalle, Ntesa Dallienst, Tabu Ley, JB Mpiana, Dally Ipupa, Johnny Bokelo, Tshala Muana, Mbilia Bel among many others. Luo musicians should just stick to Ohangla and Benga.

Bullshit thread

Maffi takataka wewe

Commissioner, huyu ndo mgani tena?

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Why are you a retired hekaya master Kush ?

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Quite true. It’s like all luo songs have the same rhythm. They just change the words.
I think they should just stick to fishing, not even what you have said. We love their fish

Karamojong wacha kusumbua govt administrator.


Your disdain for Luos is well known, at least to observative minds like mine. Pick one struggle, either hate on Luos or pretend to be a billionaire Mbuta.

You haven’t been forced to listen to their songs. Last time I checked every major tribe had their musical star. Quite the entitlement.

Aya sasa tukaskize uzito baada ya kucheck hawa watiaji



Same could be said about mugithi.
No need to hate on something you don’t understand.

They are also good in many other things like tailoring, car bodywork, academics, agitating for human rights, culinary arts etc

Mugithi is original and doesn’t copy any foreign style

It’s human nature. They tend to mask their ignorance in hate.

Umeffi thread!


Really ? One man guitar doesn’t copy a foreign concept ?