Luo men and kiyuks ladies

Copied from a kyuk lady

Central Kenya women have been lied to for years that jaluo men are romantic and bla bla bla. It’s until you get married and realize that jaluos are the most difficult people to live and deal with. Circumcision is a very important thing for maturity…ukitaka stress in marriage Mary a jaluo. They are good for short term dating not marriage. Very useless.

Thats why tribalism will not end anytime soon because of such typing happy fingers

With Daddy Owen a can of worms has been reopened.

Please ask that “kyuk lady” how many jaluos has she been married to??

Excuse Me young lady, Daddy Owen is NOT a Luo! He’s a mluhya. It all depends on a woman’s intention for entering into that marriage.

What is the difference here?

Wewe ile siku ntapatana na wewe one on one kwa kichochoro kukiwa na giza kama umevaaa skirt bila underwear ndio utawacha kutaja Jarruo ovyo ovyo in vain.

You don’t get it he doesn’t have to be a luo now it will be luhyas and Kikuyu ladies blah blah blah just tribal shit instead of addressing the real issue

Take your racial prejudice nahukoooo

People from Central ( @TrumanCapote ) cannot tell the difference between Luos and Luhyas. That Standard 3 GHC of Nilotes, Bantus was extruded through a windmill.

It’s like how you guys can’t differentiate mountain bantus. We are all the potato people to you guys. With this Daddy Owen case which has become a we vs them, Luo vs kiyuk battle on social media, lunjes have been left behind, it’s now luos bashing kiyuk women then kiyuks women retaliating by pointing out that Luo men are not men to begin with since their culture doesn’t have circumcision as a rite of passage. They know Luhyas circumcise. In bantu culture having relations with an uncircumcised man is a curse bcz of ancestoral covenants to not mix with the uncircumcised. I think Luhyas have the same attitude since circumcision is very important rite of passage to manhood.

Yeah circumcision is a right of passage.
But you know that Luo and Luhya are integrated and do intermarry freely.
By physical features (other than skin color Sometimes) it’s difficult to differentiate a Luo and Luhya - or other westerner, even for us in the Western part. But by culture (including language, names) it’s pretty obvious. But people from central cannot tell. Ask a Meruan Omollo vs Onguti who is who? However we can identify Kyuks( language- Bantu often shares words, names). Now Meru vs Embu becomes tricky.
But that war of Luo vs Kikuyu was cemented by the first families. People often times find no way of attacking Jaruo except through the deek.

Aren’t there other communities that do not circumcise why do Luos catch all the flack?

In the Nilotes Luo, Turkana do not. It’s just that Luo are a bigger tribe.

What do Turkana do to initiate into manhood?

Kill an animal.

A dangerous animal? Or a domesticated animal?

Any as long as they can skin it.

People who love money and people who spend like idiots on women. A match made in heaven