Luo are the most ethnically profiled group in today's Kenya.

In Kenya talk about inclusivity, is a myth since we gain " independence" from the Brits jaramogi then being communist leaning and Kenyatta being capitalist leaning the west excluded oginga politically, that then deep state.
Now after Kenyattas death their abdacadabra of the west made moi the prezzo, then Raila’s now jaramogis son attempted coup on then president moi further excluded the luo from Kenyan system of government, now Raila teaming up with opposition, the kibaki tosha chants put kibaki at the helm of power but during his second tenure Raila and luos are still excluded from the government.
Came now Uhuru teaming up with Ruto Raila still the main antagonist made further exclusion of the Luos.
Now last elections Raila Ruto competition still Luos are the main opposition players in Kenya.
My take political course are very much impossible to achieve there goals especially in 3rd world countries like Africa and in Kenya Luos may end up being excluded from the realm of the government forever, luhyas political style is fickle though Raila’s leaning.
Voter apathy after last year’s loss will make luhya land ship base to the rift after all si we neighbors.
The political climate in Kenya is so anti Luo.

Not sure climate is anti-Luo if a Luo got 50% of the vote. Kenya is as elitist as much as it’s tribal. The higher up society, less the tribal sufferings you witness.

Unataka uchinjiwe mbuzi ndio ujue unapendwa? Why are you so desperate to be loved by fellow men?